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Treat Yourself

This pack really cuts the mustard – cheesy, spicy and moorish it’s a cheese and mustard lovers treat! Go on, treat yourself, or someone you love!

Inclusive of: Primavera (150g), Old Man (150g), Gin Herbalist (150g), Drunken Admiral (150gms) Pinot Paste (130g), Gin & Juniper Mustard (130g), Wattleseed & Oaked Vodka Mustard (130g) and Crackers.

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Treat Yourself

Treat Yourself

  • Primavera (150g)
  • Old Man (150g)
  • Drunken Admiral (150g)
  • Gin herbalist ( 150gms)
  • Pinot Paste (130g)
  • Gin & Juniper Mustard (130g)
  • Oaked Vodka Mustard (130g)
  • Crackers
Serving suggestions

Serving suggestions

Primavera — Cut into thin triangular wafers and lightly top each piece with a little of our Pinot Paste.

Old Man — A good hit of our Wattleseed & Oaked Vodka Mustard certainly doesn’t go astray with this guy. Pairs well with chardonnay, riesling, dry cider or a hearty ale.

Drunken Admiral — Drunken Admiral loves a drink of any light aromatic wine, white or red.

Gin Herbalist – Drizzle with unfiltered extra virgin olive oil and serve with crusty Italian bread. This one also shares aromatics with our Gin & Juniper Mustard, so they’re the obvious pairing.

Pinot Paste — Best served with strong and creamy cheeses.

Gin & Juniper Mustard — The perfect addition to any cheese platter. Also takes any cheese toastie up to a certified 10.

Wattleseed & Oaked Vodka Mustard — Pretty much anywhere you’d ordinarily use wholegrain mustard would benefit from a seedy slather of this.

A bit about best-before dates

For fresh cheeses like creme fraiche, yoghurt, mascarpone, fresh mozzarella, ricotta and cottage cheese, it’s important to follow the best-before date. For soft rind, washed rind, blue and hard cheeses, the best-before date is more of an indication and your cheese will often be at its best on or after this date.

Grandvewe Old Man Cheese

Some simple storage tips

The way you store your cheesy stash can make or break its quality. Wrap washed rind, blues and soft cheeses in waxy, grease-proof parchment paper to stop it getting sweaty. Blue cheese can also be wrapped in alfoil to stem blue mould growth on the cut surface. Hard cheeses can be wrapped in plastic but we prefer waxed paper for these as well.

Once you’ve wrapped your cheese, pop it in a sealed plastic (like a hard container or zip-lock bag) to control humidity and stop it drying out. It should then be stored in the vegetable compartment of your fridge.

Even if you do all of this correctly, cheese can develop surface mould. It doesn’t grow inside the cheese and most moulds are food-safe anyway. Just gently scrape or cut it off and your cheese is good to go.

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