The Rare White Bottle

(30% chance with every order)
Only online orders could randomly win you the rare collectors edition white bottle.

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This bottle cannot be ordered however every time you place an order online for our black bottle, you have a chance to get bottle number one as a special white bottle. This bottle can only be received by ordering through our website, we will not sell the white bottle through any of our physical shops nor to our distributors. Bottle number one could be of any variety and any size, 700ml, 500ml or 200ml. This is your chance to receive a very rare collectors item.

The odds of receiving the white bottle:

Vodka = 1 in 80 (approx) bottle chance

Gin = 1 in 200 (approx) bottle chance

Oaked Vodka = 1 in 50 (approx) bottle chance

Although the above are our batch sizes, the odds of you receiving a white bottle from our website are closer to a 30% chance because the entire batch is not exclusively sold online but the white bottle is. So some of the batch is sold through the website and the rest through our cheesery, Hobart shop, and bars and restaurants throughout Australia.

If you don’t wish to receive a white bottle, please write this in the comments section during the checkout process.

Each Bottle is hand sprayed black, hand written and signed by Ryan Hartshorn (Head distiller)


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