Old Man



DESCRIPTIONThis cheese is a semi hard matured style with sweet nutty characteristics reminiscent of many of our dearest friends. Like most old men it pairs perfectly with a hearty ale or a dry cider!

WINE TO MATCH: Chardonnay or Reisling

• 98% of lactose intolerant people can have sheep cheese
• No Cholesterol
• Twice the calcium of cows milk
• Mono-unsaturated Fat


I love to eat this cheese straight from the block or paired with a fruity chutney. It was originally designed to use in our Raclette machine and so it is delightful melted on toast or potatoes, or any recipes with melted cheese.

How should I use this cheese?
Pair this cheese with a dry cider or ale . This is a very advanced cheese that should be enjoyed on its own with a dollop of Pear Chutney. The rind has been washed with Brevi Linens and we have used Cardoon Thistle as the rennet of choice for Old Man.


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