Croc by Lukan Smith


40% alc

Street Artist Series – Original 1 of 1 bottle

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This bottle is an original artwork hand painted by one of Tasmania’s elite street artists Lukan Smith.

This is an original one of one bottle, never to be repeated design. This is your change to have a contemporary piece of art that does not need to be hung on a wall. Display it as you would a sculpture or centerpiece for your bar.

Learn more about the Artist behind the bottle:

Iam Lukan Smith and a local artist from Hobart Tasmania specialising in aerosol/street art

The Story behind the bottle:

There is generally no story behind my artworks I just like to draw things I think will be fun or entertaining

Artist contact details: (Your best contact, Instagram, email etc)

Instagram: @lukansmith

Each bottle comes with its own clear display window box to help you to present your art with pride.

The bottle is 700ml with the Spirit inside this bottle being our Vodka which won Worlds Best Vodka 2018 at the World Vodka Awards in London.


• Worlds Best Vodka (World Vodka Awards 2018)
• BEST varietal vodka of the World (World Vodka Awards 2018)
• BEST varietal vodka of Australia (World Vodka Awards 2018)
• BEST varietal vodka of Australia (World Vodka Awards 2017)
• Australian Beverage of the Year (Food & Beverage Industry awards 2017)


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