What Cheese Knife for which cheese?


It is possible to use “normal” knives to cut cheeses, but it is always more satisfying if you can actually use the correct tools for the job. If you are the type of person who appreciates cheese, you should equip yourself with the following essential basic cheese knives.


1. Fork-Tipped Spear


This particular knife is excellent for slicing and cutting many different firm cheeses. The forked tip makes it easy to serve cheese to guests.


2. Small Spade


This one is perfect for cutting chunks of hard cheeses.


3. Hard Cheese Knife


Since hard cheese’s are popular, this knife will be one that you use on a regular basis – guaranteed!


4. Gorgonzola Knife


This is the knife that you need if you enjoy Bleu or Gorgonzola cheeses. The sharp blade is used to cut the cheese into wedges ans wheels, and the round tip is perfect for easy spreading.


5. Open Work Blade Knife


The unique design of this knife makes cutting soft cheeses effortless.


So, those are the basic knives that you should have in your kitchen. Here are a few more that you might want to consider purchasing.


1. Rind Cutter


This is a tool that makes scoring rinds of hard cheeses an easy job.


2. Flat Spatula Knife


This is a long, thin knife that is used for cutting off the excess rind.


3. Almond Knife


This is an all-purpose knife. It is used for scoring the rind, making wedges and wheels, and cutting cheeses into bite-sized bits.


4. Spade


This knife is for the “heavy duty” work required to cut hard cheeses into chunks and wedges.


5. Soft Cheese Knife


This one is perfect for the spreading of soft cheeses.


6. Flat Cheese Knife


The flat cheese knife is normally used for cutting soft and crumbly cheeses, or for shaving off pieces of hard cheeses.


Keep Being Ewenique!


Diane Rae

Master Cheesemaker

Di BlackW

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