Travelling with your fav Cheese Morsel


How to pack cheese for travel in a convenient way so that it does

not go bad is a question that haunts millions of people across the

globe. You find yourself in a situation where you have discovered a

great cheese and want to take it home to share it with friends ( or

eat it all yourself at some later date!) What do you then?



you would like to pack your food. Then you think of the questions

how to pack and will it be safe or not to carry cheese? All this

gets into a dilemma whether to buy or not buy the cheese.

However you can definitely travel with cheese and bring it home or

travel with it safely. Yes you can bring this with confidence and

you do not have to think too much about it going bad or not.


The trick is refrigerating it for 24 hours before your travel. Just

before you plan to hit the road pack it in an insulated lunch box

or a polystyrene box. This will keep it cool for some time and once

you are on the plane you are safe.  This is because if you place

the cheese in your main luggage it will be naturally refrigerated

at 30,000 feet!


This is better than putting it in your carry – on

Cheese is matured at temperatures of up to 15 degrees centigrade

and so unless you are travelling in a hot environment it will

travel well without too much intervention on your part. So go ahead

and buy that special piece on your travels and either enjoy it

along the way or take it home to share with friends and relatives.


Keep being ewenique!

Diane Rae

Master Cheesemaker

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