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Pro cheeseIt is not possible for all of us to know all that there is to know about the over 700 cheeses from around the world, but it is possible to impress your friends by knowing the basics about the more popular cheeses available.


Cheese was born around 4000 years ago and people have been experimenting with cheeses ever since. Most cheese comes from cows milk, but there are also a wide variety of cheeses that are made from sheep, goat, reindeer, yak, camel and even buffalo milk.


5 of the Most Popular Cheeses – Describe Them Like a Professional!




Graskaas is the youngest of the seven types of Gouda and Overjarig, the oldest. The latter has a hard, golden interior. It is a full-flavored cheese that is salty with touches of toffee flavor.




This French “Queen of Cheeses” is pale in color and has a greyish tinge just under the rind. This is a wonderful dessert cheese and is best served at room temperature.




Pecorino is made from sheep’s milk and was first produced back in Roman times. This cheese is still made using the traditional methods. After 8 – 12 months of aging, you can expect Pecorino to have a granular texture and a very strong taste. Younger cheeses are slightly more rubbery in texture and have a more aromatic and sweet flavor.




Fresh Camembert is rather hard and bland, the young cheese is much sweeter and milky, and the mature version has a runny, smooth interior. Good Camembert should have a rich and buttery flavor. This is one of the cheeses where the rind is eaten with the cheese itself.




There are two different types of Provolone cheeses. The first is Provolone Dolce and the second Provolone Piccante. Dolce is aged between 2 and 3 months, it is pale in color and tastes sweet. Piccante is aged for over 4 months and therefore produces a much sharper taste. The flavors of this type of cheese depends on where it is produces, but it is normally a semi-hard cheese.


This is a guide to the basic cheeses that are most widely used. The above information should get you started on your journey to “Speaking Cheese Like a Professional”. Once you have mastered the art of the basics and impressed your friends, you will need to up your game a bit. Explore the world of cheeses available!


Keep Being Ewenique!


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