Serving Sensational Cheese Platters

Cheese Platter

Have you ever wondered how to serve cheese platters or how to

arrange them?


Several of our members  have asked about the best way to arrange or

set up cheese tasting parties or cheese plates for dinners, so we

have put together this guide for you. We hope that the following

suggestions will help you to plan your party and enjoy your

cheeses. Please feel free to experiment and expand on any and all

of the ideas.




Step 1.  Decide how many guests you will have


Step 2.  Decide on your theme.


Will it be French or Spanish or maybe cheeses from one particular

region in Australia or maybe all ewe’s milk cheeses (we like this



Step 3.  For an appetiser or a cheese course in a dinner party, use

50 – 100 grams per person total for all cheeses.  This means that

if you have 6 guests and want to serve 3 cheeses then you would

need around 150 – 200 grams of each cheese on the platter. This

will ensure that each cheese looks substantial on the platter and

as the host you can enjoy any of the leftovers the next day!


How Do I Create a Stunning Cheese Platter or Cheese Board ?


A cheese board or cheese plate is a collection of cheeses that are

set out for the purposes of tasting and comparing or as an

appetizer course. The cheese board should be composed of a minimum

of three and a maximum of six cheeses arranged on a large serving

area .  The serving or presentation area should be large enough so

that the cheeses do not touch each other or co-mingle while being

handled, this will prevent mixing of the aromas and flavours and

create a better visual presentation and we all know how we eat with

our eyes!


The selection should be diverse enough to offer different textures

(i.e soft semi-hard and hard) but not too many to overwhelm the

guests palates. You may want to label the cheeses and provide a

brief description and country of origin for each one, although I

find that for dinner parties I prefer to “show off” by talking on

the cheeses.  If you are unsure about them always ask lots of

questions from the delicatessen that you purchased them from and

take notes.  Alternatively you can google them once you get home.

Just remember to write down the names and producers of the cheeses

before you leave the shop!  Always provide plain crackers, olives,

fruit spreads and/or fresh fruits as accompaniments for the cheeses.

To continue your theme consider offering wines from the same

country and region as that of the cheeses.


In my next chat I’ll talk about how to host a great cheese and wine

tasting party.


Till then….


Keep being ewenique!


Diane Rae

Master Cheesemaker

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