Romantic Cheese Picnic


If you are looking for date ideas a very romantic thing to do is to

go on a wine and cheese picnic. This can be done for lunch or

dinner, the choice is yours. But if you do it right it can be very

memorable and romantic. Here is how to put together a romantic and

memorable wine and cheese date.


1. First you have to plan on where you will take your date. It is

often best if you go to a place outdoors that means something to

the both of you. Next decide if you will drive or will you hire a

limo? I guess that depends on how much you want to spend!


2. Now you have to go out and buy all the items you will need.

Don’t worry the cost for everything, even to do it right will cost

less than a nice dinner out and it will be much more memorable.

Here’s a checklist of what you will need.


3. Picnic basket (some come complete with all the items you need

for a picnic)


4. Linen table cloth.


5. Chairs (or maybe you will be sitting on a table already at the



6. Glass or plastic wine glasses. (Be sure they are long stem and

if you are a real wine lover with wide mouths for better enjoyment

of the wine.)


7. Cheese (Grandvewe of course!)


8. Crackers, or fruit or a roll of bread or a smoked meat or fish


9. A cutting board for the cheese and knife to cut with.


10. A wine opener


11. Flowers-don’t forget flowers….always a nice touch.


12. Personal silverware


13. Napkins-paper or linen…it depends on the statement you want

to make.


14. Water and cups or glasses


15. A sweet treat for desert. This could be cheese cake, chocolate

or whatever you and your date enjoys.


16. Wine-can’t forget the wine!


17. Light source or candles if it is at night


What wine and cheese will be best together?


You want to make sure you bring wines and cheeses that work well

together. First decide on the wine you will bring and then match

the cheeses.


Cabernets generally go best with a hard, sharp cheese.

Sweeter, lighter cheeses usually goes well with lighter, white

Here are a few specifics on wine pairings with cheese that often

work well together:


– Rieslings and Gouda

– Pinot Noir and Brie

– Cabernets and Sharp Cheddar

– Chianti and Mozzarella


What is most important is the individual taste preferences of you

and your date. Pick wines and cheeses that you both enjoy.

Having a wine and cheese picnic can be very memorable and romantic.

If you are searching for romantic date ideas, this should be at the

top of your list. If you are well planned it will take place

without a hitch and you are sure to score big points with your date!



Keep being ewenique!


Diane Rae

Master Cheesemaker

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