Cheesey Salads

Our Fresh served at Ethos restaurant

Our Fresh served at Ethos restaurant

Cheese is great for adding flavour, texture and contrast to a salad.

It can be used to turn a salad into a heartier meal, or as a

substitute for a heavy dressing. Apart from cheddar, which can be

grated over a green or tomato salad to add colour and taste, there

are five more cheeses that are perfect to add to salad recipes.


Feta cheese is used in Greek salads to add flavour; it is a salty

cheese so there is no need to add additional salt to the recipe.

Dressing may not be required either, as the feta is a creamy, moist

cheese. Mix feta with kalamata olives, plum tomatoes, red onion and

cucumber for a traditional Greek-style salad. Feta also goes well

with oranges and parma ham to give salads an interesting twist.


Blue cheeses, such as gorgonzola and stilton, are ideal if you want

a sharper, stronger flavour to your salad. As an alternative to the

popular blue cheese dressing, simply crumble your cheese over the

top of a plate of salad greens. Blue cheeses complement beets,

mushrooms, nuts and pears.



Goats cheese is hugely popular in salads and also works well with

beets, mushrooms and nuts. A round of goats cheese is often served

topped with breadcrumbs and with the salad leaves on the side;

alternatively, crumble the goats cheese over the dish for a tasty


For a milder cheese to add to your salad, try ricotta; with its

smooth, mild flavour it works on salad dishes that already have a

spicy ingredient or a strong flavour, such as grilled chicken.

Ricotta and spinach make a great salad combination. Go for roasted

ricotta, which is drier than regular ricotta and easier to crumble

over the dish.


Parmagiano-regganio is an Italian cheese: salty and earthy with a

hint of nut, it is commonly served grated and sprinkled over

pastas, pizzas and soups, but also works well in a salad dish. As

an alternative to grating, shave thin slices of the cheese; these

will give the salad more bite. Fennel, parma ham and melon all

taste great with a topping of parmagiano-regganio.


There are many more varieties of delicious cheeses and most of them

taste great in salad dishes. The key is to look at the other

ingredients in your salad recipe and try to work out what kind of

cheese will add the most to it.




Keep being ewenique!


Diane Rae

Master Cheesemaker

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