Cheese and Beer match!



The past five years has seen a huge increase in gourmands interest

in boutique beers.  Where once we relished the wine tasting

circuits , we are now very keen to taste the latest in boutique

So why not match beers with cheeses?  This can be great fun and

create a novel twist to your next dinner party. As a partner with

cheese, beer rarely lets us down.

So how do you go about matching your favourite beers with a cheese?


There are two things that you can do: First, you can choose to be

very specific about the process and carefully pair the flavours in

a particular type of beer with a specific type of cheese. Or, you

can simply buy a few “safe” cheeses that are generally friendly to

all types of beer- cheeses such as Manchegos , goudas, or cheddars.

Aged Manchegos such as the Grandvewe La Mancha have complex buttery

caramel flavours often described generally as caramelized or

toffee-like. Because of this beer pairs particularly well with it.


The flavours of beer – earthy, yeasty, musty, fruity, rich, and

floral taste coincide in such a way that wine and cheese cannot.

If you think about the type of cheese you want to pair with beer,

start with the cheese flavours first and think about which beer

will compliment it.  For example, a camembert or brie would pair

nicely with a light lager style whereas a blue cheese would pair

best with a rich chocolate flavoured Guiness.

But the most important point to remember is simple to ENJOY!!


Keep being ewenique!


Diane Rae

Master Cheesemaker

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