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The best cheese to use on pizza depends largely on individual tastes.  The most common cheese to use is mozzarella, but it is far from the only choice a person has.  Other options include feta, Provolone, ricotta, and Parmesan.


There is a lot of variation in the different types of mozzarella, depending on how the cheese is made.  Mozzarella does not need to be aged and is a slightly soft-to-soft variety of cheese.  Usually, Italian mozzarella is made from the milk of cows or water buffalo.  Smoked mozzarella is also available.  Low-moisture mozzarella is made either completely or partly out of skim milk.  It is commonly used in the food service industry, so if you get a pizza from a chain restaurant, chances are, it has low-moisture mozzarella on top.


Feta is a Greek cheese, which is aged for at least three months.  It has a crumbly, grainy texture.  Feta is sometimes pasteurized.  It is usually made from sheep’s milk, but can also be made from the milk of a cow.  It has a salty flavor that goes well with spinach, peppers, and tomatoes.


Provolone, another Italian cheese, goes well on pizza.  It is a slightly hard cheese made of the milk from a cow.  Provolone has to be aged at least four months, and it is sometimes pasteurized.  It ranges in flavor from very sharp to mild.  When melted, Provolone goes with a variety of different pizza toppings.


Italian ricotta is made of cow, sheep, water buffalo, or goat milk, but the American made ricotta is usually made of the milk from a cow.  While the Italian type is a dry, slightly sweet, nutty cheese, the American ricotta is blander and is moister and sweeter.  Either type is good on pizza, and works especially well with fresh vegetables.


Parmesan is a hard, grainy cheese.  It is made of raw milk from a cow.  It is unpasteurized, and must be aged a minimum of one year.  Parmesan is grated before being put on pizza.  It is an Italian cheese, used commonly in Italian cooking, so it makes a good cheese for pizza.


When deciding on the right type of cheese for a pizza, consider which other toppings you will use and what is likely to best compliment them.  Several different types of cheese can even be combined on the same pizza.  The large varieties of cheese available can make for fun and tasty experimentation when making your own pizza.


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