Addicted to Cheese!


Compared to the effects of tobacco, alcohol and drugs, cheese is a fairly harmless thing to be addicted to, but it is addictive nonetheless and in most cases, people are not even aware that they are addicted. Like a lot of foods, cheese has properties that are physically addictive. The line between comfort eating and actual addiction is becoming more and more blurred.


So why is cheese addictive? In the early 1980s, a man called Eli Hazum found that a particular chemical present in cow’s milk had very similar effects to morphine. After many rigorous tests, it was established that it was, in fact, morphine! This extremely addictive opiate is found in very small doses in cow’s milk. Cows create morphine in their bodies, thought to have a soothing effect on newborn calves to encourage them to feed and form bonds with the mother cow. Cow’s milk also contains casein, which is broken down during the digestive process and let us loose even more opiates. This adds to the addictive properties of cheese.


If you think you are addicted to cheese, there are steps you can take to curb your cravings. Try to change your mindset about the food you eat and concentrate on eating plenty of healthy foods. After a short time, your body should respond favorably to the nutritious food and no longer crave cheese. Eating plenty of fresh fruit will fill you up and stop you reaching for the cheese so much.


Summon up as much willpower as you can! If you simply cannot live without cheese, allow yourself a small cube, but no more. If you can manage to reduce your intake of other dairy products, your body will get used to a diet that is lower in dairy than it was before. Work out why you became addicted to cheese in the first place. Are there certain times of the day, or emotional situations, which trigger a major cheese craving? It may be necessary to look at ways in which you can deal with these issues, instead of gorging on a block of cheese.


Of course, if you can control your cheese addiction and still enjoy it now and again as a treat, you have the best of both worlds! It would be a shame to deprive yourself of your favorite food, but at the same time, an addiction to any type of food should be taken seriously and dealt with accordingly.





Keep being ewenique!


Diane Rae

Master Cheesemaker

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